Easy Eco Tips: How to reuse your coffee grounds and tea leaves.

Posted by on July 4th 2013 @ 3:07 pm

As a nation of obsessive coffee and tea drinkers we are disposing astonishing amounts of used coffee grounds and tea leaves that can be recycled, reused and brought to a new life, therefore reducing general waste from each household or café and making the planet a more environmentally friendly place to live.

Other than having the pleasure of just drinking coffee, their grounds have a number of uses within our homes. Treat your flowers to a rejuvenating supplement. Coffee grounds are high in acidic and full of nutrients. Use as mulch in the soil for those acid-loving plants. Another use in the garden is that it can also deter ant infestations and snails/slugs from around your flowers and bushes. You can also use coffee grounds as part of your beauty regime. Mix together with a little coconut oil and brown sugar to make a natural skin exfoliator, then rinse off in the shower and experience how irresistibly soft your skin feels.

Used tea leaves have endless purposes. As Britons we pride ourselves on being big tea lovers. We can take our patriotism to a new level by making the most out of what we love.

Tea leaves can also be used for the same purposes as coffee grounds within the garden, warding off pests and feeding your plants. Used tea leaves as deodorisers around the home. Sprinkle them into your cat litter tray to diffuse the smell, scatter them over your carpets, leave for ten minutes then vacuum up. The vacuum will also give off that refreshing smell. Dried tea leaves can be placed in the fridge to absorb odours in the same way baking soda does.

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