Tip #153 – Organic and natural slug control

Posted by on March 11th 2009 @ 3:32 pm


I’ve recently started gardening, and one really annoying pest are slugs. They only come out when it’s dark and damp, when you rarely want to be outside. So here are some tips on controlling the little critters the eco-friendly way.

  • Orange halves – these deter cats and attract slugs. You then just dispose of the slugs once they’ve been caught (chickens love them!).
  • Coffee spray – make a weak coffee syrup with ground coffee and water, then lightly coat your plants. You might only need to do this near the base of the plants.
  • Physical barriers – scatter crushed egg shells, sawdust or wood shavings around plants at risk. You also might want to try hot chilli powder!
  • Slug hunting – this one is a favourite of my Dad’s. Simply go out at night with table salt and a torch, and pour it over the critters. It essentially turns them inside out by drawing out the water inside them.

Some of these Slug Control tips are from an article by Sustainable Echo.

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